10 Ways to Keep Your Home’s Plumbing in Good Shape

When it comes to keeping your plumbing working properly and avoiding problems in your home, there are some very simple measures that you can take. Have a look at the following to see just how easy it is to keep from experiencing plumbing issues in your home.

Plumber repair

Plumber repair

1. When the weather turns cold, you should disconnect your garden hoses from spigots. Get ready for the winter months. Water flow to outside spigots should be turned off in order to keep the water from bursting through.

2. Do not completely turn the heat off in your home when you go on vacation. This is an excellent way to damage your pipes. Reduce the heat in your home while leaving kitchen and vanity cabinet doors ajar to let the heat reach pipes.

3. Do not flush anything down the toilet that is not supposed to be there. Just flush body waste and toilet paper. Everything else should be put in the garbage. Most plumbers will tell you to not even flush the supposedly disposable wipes in case it is not safe for your personal system.

4. Wrap all exposed pipes before the colder temperatures hit during winter. Insulated pipes are protected against bursting as well as decrease energy waste.

5. Tighten any loose connections in your washer and dryer hoses. Be alert to any cracks in them. Cracked hoses need to be replaced.

6. Watch for things that can clog your drain. It is advisable to use drain covers that will keep food scraps from entering the drain. Two culprits of clogged drains are hair and cooking grease.

7. Most bath tubs have overflow drains to keep the water level from going past a certain level. Always keep this drain open. It will prevent the water from overflowing and flooding your house.

8. Be aware of where the water shutoff valve is located. This can be found anywhere on your street or property. If you have a broken pipe or a leak, turn the water off, and call a plumber.

9. In areas that are prone to natural disasters need to have more care taken. Make sure that water heaters are securely attached to walls to avoid tipping over, bursting, leaking and possibly hurting your family.

10. For toilet issues, keep a plunger close by. They have a way of clogging often. If the toilet water keeps overflowing, turn off the water valve.
If you follow these simple tips, your problems with your home plumbing will decrease significantly.