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  • Training to Become a Plumber

    Training to Become a Plumber

    There are so many careers that you have the option of entering into these days that it can be a dizzying choice to make. You may have already gone through the list of lawyers, doctors, nurses, engineers, travel agents, managers, and more. Oddly enough, one of the most needed occupations of all probably never even [...]

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  • 11 Tips For Beginning Welders

    11 Tips For Beginning Welders

    Sure welding deals with massive amounts of electricity, molten metals and bright as sun arc lighting conditions. It can be dangerous if not handled with the care and respect that it deserves and requires. Just because it can have dangerous outcomes does not mean one should avoid participation of welding. Like many things in life, [...]

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  • Trade Schools for Plumbers

    Trade Schools for Plumbers

    If you are having questions about what kind of career you would like to have, there are quite a few choices you could go with. One great choice would be to become a plumber. While you may think that you wouldn’t really like to work in those kinds of conditions, there are a few things [...]

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  • How to Become a Professional Plumber

    How to Become a Professional Plumber

    These days it seems as though everyone wants to get a career in computers, going from school straight into universities without thinking of anything other than the technological aspect of the future. While this isn’t a bad thing, what DOES end up happening is a major vacuum being created in the labor trades, such as [...]

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