Is Distilled Water REALLY Pure?

People tend to wonder just how pure distilled water really is. There are a couple of factors to consider when answering this question. What is your definition of purity? Why do you need a solution to get pure water?

There are some industries that will need to have extremely pure water in order to shield fragile equipment. For instance, film processing often uses distillers. If minerals come into contact with the film, the negatives can become spotted and produce a faulty photograph. When a negative is damaged with spots, it’s pretty much ruined. Due to computer technology, sometimes it can be fixed, but a professional photographer would never consider using a re-touched photo.

Therefore, if a photographer wants to know if distilled water is really pure, the answer would be that it’s pure enough for a photographer’s needs. On the other hand, if you need pure water for drinking, you’ll want to use another solution.

Chemicals, or anything that has a boiling point lower than water, will not be removed through distillation. Any contaminants, such as minerals, needing a high boiling point will be left in the first pot. Chlorine, THMs, and other chemicals will move in the cooling pipe and become liquid again in the last pot. Therefore, the answer to whether distilled water is really pure or not would be that it’s not pure enough to drink.

So many people are worried about how the chemicals present in tap water will affect their health that they are desperately searching for the right type of solution to getting pure water. Distillation used to be a choice that was offered to homeowners. However, with the improvement of technology through the years, there are many much more effective options available now.

Distillation is not high on the list. It takes a lot of power to run these large and ungainly devices. The process is a lengthy one with the final result being water that is tasteless and a bit unhealthy. Many brands of bottled water are distilled. This is something to consider if you happen to be someone who purchases bottled water a lot for drinking purposes. Anytime plastic bottles are used to store liquid, the purity is questionable. These liquids will soak up the chemicals that were used in creating the bottle. Bottled water has been shown to have trace amounts of BPA and phthalates, two cancer causing agents.

If you’re in search of a healthy drinking water, try a multi-stage filtration system that will take out all dangerous chemicals and contaminants, but also keeping in the “good” minerals. It has a better taste and is much healthier.

There have been some studies by certain environmental groups that show a family of 4 can save over $1,000 each year if they bought a water purifier rather than bottled water. This shows that, not only will your health be better, but so will your budget.