Plumbing Designer – A Career in Plumbing Design

While plumbers fix issues with the plumbing after the house is built, getting a career in plumbing design gives you the opportunity to work out all the plumbing aspects before, and as, the house is being built. This enables you to work with other home design professionals, everything from architects to electrical designers, to create the most efficient house as possible.

Plumbing Design

Plumbing Design

You will get to work with the blueprint and drawing stages of the house, all the way through the application of the plumbing as the house is being built. This can be a very exciting career if you choose to take it.

The plumbing designer works on the issues of functionality, form, and safety, just to name a few. You will have to be able to see the bigger picture with very little information to start off with, and need to integrate your ideas into a functional reality, even when plans and designs change at the drop of a hat.

While you may have all of your design issues worked out, someone else may change a feature, let’s say in lighting, and this will cause the plumbing designer to have to change a major aspect of their design to feature that small change in lighting.

If you are interested in getting a career as a plumbing designer, you will have to look into a college course. You will most likely have to study for two to four years in order to get your degree in plumbing design. It will also help if you work as a professional plumber for a while before you decide to start thinking about plumbing design. Being able to understand how all the plumbing aspects work together, and how they will need to be installed, is a major issue in taking on this career.

The best thing to do is jump online and see what courses are available in your area. Once you find the college or trade school that offers your courses, give them a call and discuss with the course instructor what is required for you to start getting your training.

It may take you a while to get trained, not to mention the work in the field as a plumber that will help you in your chosen career path. However, once you are ready to go, you will find that people will search you out to help them in designing their plumbing for their newly designed homes.