Selecting the Best Plumbing Fixtures for Your Bathroom

With so many plumbing fixtures and accessories to choose from these days it can become quite confusing to find the right ones for your bathroom. You want to be sure that they’re decorative and durable, as well as practical. Your job is to make sure you’re choosing the best plumbing to fit your décor as well as fixtures that last for a long time. They need to withstand years of regular usage but not wear out quickly, or give into mold and rust.

Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom Fixtures

One of the most important purchases you’ll make is a bathtub. There are 4 basic styles to choose from:

1. The old fashion enamel cast iron tub with a China glazing finish: This one is quite popular with new homes. Even though it weighs a lot, you’ll rarely hear the water filling it. Costing around $250, it’s typically 5 feet and offers a few different styles.

2. The molded plastic bathtub: This tub resembles the cast iron tub but is thicker. It’s also lighter in weight and perfect to use in remodeling. Available in many colors and styles, it also comes in a full shower/tub combination that has walls built around it. You can buy these for around $250 and up.

3. The enameled steel tub: Available in white and colors, it boasts a ceramic glaze finish. These cost around $250.

4. The fiberglass bathtub: These can be installed either in the floor or on a platform. They come in various sizes and shapes, with some offering spa features. The highest priced tubs of all, you’ll find some of them running into the thousands of dollars.

If you prefer a shower only, there are pre-built stalls to fit into a specific area or come enclosed in fiberglass. The prices on shower stalls vary depending on the size, style, and manufacturer.

The toilet is always a very important part of any new bathroom. It needs to be practical as well as comfortable. You don’t have to buy fancy toilets, but sometimes it’s worth a bit more money to get quality. Toilets now come with higher gallon capacity as well as better flushing capabilities right up to standard 1.6 gallons per flush as dictated by the government. Go water efficient with 1.3 gallons per flush toilet. You can also choose from dual-flush toilets, which offers one button for solid waste and another for liquid.

Bathroom sinks are important to have for such things as washing your hands and brushing your teeth. Popular sinks include the V-shaped vessel sink bowl made from copper, glass or stainless steel. You can also choose to get a pedestal sink or a vanity one that offers under the sink storage.

The rest of the bathroom items, like faucets, should be durable and match your color scheme. You can find good ones beginning at $40.