Use Roller Shades As Easy and Affordable Window Treatments

A very important part of decorating any room is the window treatments. Unfortunately, these can be real budget breakers. Just one panel can cost over a hundred dollars if you shop at one of the more popular stores. Rather than spend more than you can afford, try roller shades.

Roller shades are quite affordable and easy to install. They’re also much better than those cheap plastic window shades which won’t do a lot to complement your new decorating theme. Instead, you can create custom window treatments by using roller shades and for a fraction of the cost you’d normally pay. You can get roller shades for your window for under ten dollars, or less, if you’ve got an existing window shade.

When selecting a fabric for the roller shade, go with something that fits in with your new room. Look through the bolts of discontinued or on sale fabric to find something to match your room. This will save you even more money. Just avoid sheer or plush fabric.

Using thicker fabric, remove the plastic from your shade and replace it with the fabric. This fabric needs to be stiffened ahead of time so it will stay in place. Pay attention to the direction the plastic is rolled onto the shade prior to removing it. Then the spring will work so you can lower and raise the shade. For thinner fabric, just spray adhesive so the fabric sticks to the plastic of the shade.

Use the plastic from the shade as a pattern when you replace it with fabric. Add two inches to the width and three inches to the length. Stiffen the fabric with fusible interfacing. This can be found at craft and fabric stores.

Using an iron, attach interfacing to the back of the fabric. Seam sealant should be applied along final trim lines. Trim the sides to match the size of plastic shade. Fold ½ to ¾ of an inch at the bottom for the hem and secure with no-sew tape. Thinner fabric can just be attached to the plastic shade. Spray with adhesive but don’t saturate the fabric. You can add trim by using double stick tape. Then it’s ready to go.